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NetZero Energy Architects "Hybrid" Home Energy Design

Solutions that Reduce Home Energy Use While Increasing Quality and Comfort.
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Crawl Space Facts
Rain Harvesting / Geo Thermal

"EnergyPlus" Model


Main House and Pool

1. Heat mirror film for all glass.

2. Pool solar / PV-T (photo electric / hot water) at garage.


Tennis Court (in Progress)

Catchment areas

a. 50 x 100’ artificial turf play field (filtered water).

b. 25’ x 50’ artificial turf putting green (filtered water).

c. 60' x 120' tennis court.

Storage capacity 118,925 gallons.

Tennis Court / Rain Catchment (in Progress)

Tennis Court / Rain Catchment Geo-Exchange

Heat-Cool Generation system w/ water to water Ground Source Heat Pump.

a. Pond loop within storage.

b. Ground loop,“slinky coils” buried below pond liner. Provides back up

during drought years.

c. Closed loop with-in court slab as ambient / solar gain collector & and night

radiant cooling (¾” pex tubing tied to slab reinforcement).

d. Open loop "nocturnal cooling" by irrigating at night of artificial turf

putting green.

(Note: D.W.S. during irrigation season maintains lowest tier water usage)


Putting Green / Rain Catchment (in Progress)

Putting Green / Rain Catchment (in Progress)


Artificial Turf Play Field / Rain Catchment (in Progress)


Gym and Pool House

1. Radiant heating and cooling with isolated hydronic slab w/ perimeter insulation.

2. Ceiling fan cooling.

3. Hydronic fan coil / cooling “E.S.P.” low velocity, as back-up.

4. PV-T (photo electric / hot water) at south facing roof.