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NetZero Energy Architects "Hybrid" Home Energy Design

Solutions that Reduce Home Energy Use While Increasing Quality and Comfort.
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Changing The World

One Home at a Time


With different sources of home energy

Harness your own free energy

Begin investing / earning money

Government incentives until 2016


1.Rain Harvesting / Heat Sink-Thermal Storage

2.Geo-Exchange/ Radiant Cooling & Heating

3.Solar / Photo Voltaic Electric & Thermal

4.Conservation / Efficiency

5.Waste Heat Recovery


Federal Income

Tax Credit

Equal to 30% of total system cost

(No limit to credit amount)

1.Can be used to offset AMT tax

2.Can be used in more than one year

3.Can be combined with solar tax credits

4.Can be combined with efficiency upgrade credits


1.Does not have to be your main home

2.Geothermal heat pump must be Energy Star

3.Installed between 1/1/2008 and 12/31/2016

Heat Pump Systems using geothermal energy from the constant temperature of the earth, will keep your home comfortable year-round, saving you up to 70% on your energy bills”.


Hybridizeyour Home

Similar to the efficiencies of my 2010 Prius@ 50 MPG

72 % savings / month

(Comparison of driving cost of Lexus RX 300 and lease cost of a Prius)

Miles Driving per Year 20,000 mi /yr /18mi /gal = 1111 gal /yr

1111 gal /yr ($3.25/yr (premium) = $3610 /yr

20,000 mi /yr /50mi /gal =400 gal /yr

444 gal /yr ($3.00/yr (regular) = $1332 /yr

Savings /year$3610 /yr - $1332 /yr = $2278 savings /yr

Fuel Savings /year$2278 / 12 mo = $190 / mo

Lease Payments / Month w/ Extra miles = Total 20,000

@ 15,000 mi = $248 /mo

@.15 c / mi (5000) = $750 /yr / 12 mo = $62.5 /mo

Total Payments / Month$248 /month + $62.5 /mo = $310.5

Insurance Savings / Month$375 /yr / 12 = $31.25

Total Cost / Month$310.5 - $31.25 - $190 =$89.25

(Not incl. down payment of $2,500 / 36 mo = $69.5 / mo + $89 .25 = $158.5)



Heating and Cooling

“Fascinating Facts”

Geothermal systems, also known as


The most:

1.Energy efficient,

2.Environmentally clean

3.Cost-effective space conditioning

(According to the Environmental Protection Agency)

Geo-exchange =savings to homeowners

Winter@30% to 70% in the heating

Summer @20% to 50% in the cooling

(Compared to conventional systems)


Homes With The Most Potential Savings

“Any one of the following”

1.Electric bills over $700

2.Over 10 Years old

3.Large Properties with Wells

4.Swimming Pools

“Swimming Poolsare

the greatest Energy Consumers,

and canbecome

the most abundant energy resource”


Tiered Electrical$$$

The tier pricing system is a progressive pricing system whereby the more you consume, the higher the rate

Tier 1has the lowest rate at 11.9¢per Kwh.

Tier 3has the average rate at 21.0¢per Kwh.

Tier 5 has the highest rate at 47.4¢per Kwh.

We are entering a “new era” of industry, in which the reduction of the energy needs of our homes can be accomplished by utilizing renewable energy and conservation systems.

Our goal @ NetZeroEnergyArchitectsis to maximize monthly energy savings, if you are willing to begin savings by doing a home evaluation / analysis. We will reveal financial incentives for you, in reducing up to 70% of your home’s utility bills.

James Phillip Wright Architect



“Net Energy Metering”

1.For residential or hybrid systems allowing you to store your system’s excess electricity into the utility grid.

2.NetExcessGeneration (NEG) is carried forward to a customer's next bill.

3.AB 920 of 2009 gave net metering customers two additional options for the NEG remaining after a 12 month period.

4.Customers have the option of rolling over any remaining NEG from month-to-month indefinitely, or they can receive financial compensation from their utility for the remaining NEG.




Grey Water

Recycle 50% of house hold water use

Heat Recovery

Recover up to 60% of wasted drain water heat.


EPA’s new, more rigorous guidelines for new homes looking to earn the ENERGY STAR

Energy Star Equipment


Rain Harvesting

Urban Rain


1.The creation of inexpensive manufacturing and installation of rainwater storage for average income homes.

2.Utilization of recycled plastic for large volume rain water storage containment.

3.Begin Lobby work for Government incentives encouraging development of cost effective rain storage.


How to Begin

One Time Only Flat Rate of $100


Simply call PG&E at 800-743-5000 and have them tell you the last 12 months of Electrical and Gas usage.

“Example home”

John Smith

123 Oak Lane

Bill DatekWhElectric $Gas-Therm $Gas $Total $

  1. 6/4/20092,427$850.1531$30.89$881.04

  2. 5/5/20092,299$793.7537$40.03$833.78

  3. 4/6/20092,638$918.8151$51.76$970.57

  4. 3/6/20092,877$984.86105$103.11$1,087.97

  5. 2/3/20093,095$1,049.60120$151.15$1,200.75

  6. 1/5/20092,833$956.14150$168.55$1,124.69

  7. 2/4/20082,962$988.3962$68.50$1,056.89

  8. 11/3/20082,353$780.5133$45.20$825.71

  9. 10/6/20082,571$775.1723$32.77$807.949/5/20082,562$750.8524$41.40$792.25

  10. 8/4/20082,689$790.9825$49.51$840.49

  11. 7/3/20081,957$550.0019$32.62$582.62


Call to schedule a complete property evaluation.


You will receive a verbal outline / analysis of ALL of your home’s potential “energy capturing” solutions.


James Phillip Wright 925 945 1111 o.