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NetZero Energy Architects "Hybrid" Home Energy Design

Solutions that Reduce Home Energy Use While Increasing Quality and Comfort.
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A Home Performance Test is an overall assessment of how well your home performs the functions it should. We have prioritized our goals. First comes Safety, second Health and Indoor AirQuality (IAQ), third Comfort, and fourth, Energy Efficiency / Waste and Long Term Durability.  The data gathered from on-site testing, diagnostics and observation, is then inputted into a computer model evaluating the many factors of your home’s construction and equipment.  The result shows the building's total performance in both positive and negative ways.  This enables us to see how your home performs now, and how to accomplish "cost effective" measures improving its efficiency.



First:    Safety 


We check several items to  insure your safety from sources of CO (carbon monoxide)a deadly gas produced during the combustion of fuel (natural gas, wood, propane) that when not vented properly can get into your home and could kill you (or at the least make you very sick).  We often find small problems that could become big ones if not corrected.  Another common problem we find is flue gas spillage or “back drafting” of combustion appliances, this is both a fire and CO hazard.


Second:   Health and IAQ (indoor air pollution)


The above safety issues cause an imminent danger and require immediate correction.  The other Health and IAQ problem sources are affecting you in typically more subtle ways, but they are still making you sick.  These sources are ones that involve air movement into and/or out of building cavities (floors, walls, attics) and bring with it excess moisture, chemicals, dust, pollutants, mold spores, dust mites, and many other undesirable “things”.  It is important to understand that ALL homes have some of these undesirables; it's just to what degree your home has them and if that level is unacceptable to you.  We will help you decide based on sound information. 


Third:   Thermal Comfort


We measure what features your home has that aids in keeping you comfortable, insulation in walls, floors, and ceilings, how drafty/leaky the shell is, the amount of heating and cooling air being delivered to each room thru the ducts, shade on the sunny windows or not, and how well you can control the humidity in your home, and many other little things.



Fourth:      Energy Efficiency / Waste and Long Term Durability


Your desire to be comfortable is the source for the monthly utility bills, and how efficiently you home’s systems perform together determines how energy efficient your home is.  What that really means is how much money it costs to be comfortable in your home.  Through our testing and diagnostics we will provide you with an objective analysis of how your home performs now, its strengths and shortcomings, what must be done safely, whatshould be done, and what could be done.  Our methods will ultimately provide you with solutions that will improve your comfort level, Indoor Air Quality and reduce your operating costs. 



Long Term Durability is something we all tend to take for granted, as we should.  But from experience most homes we test have problems that stem from moisture control issues.  There are several sources that we can identify and provide solutions to correct the “problem”.  High humidity and excess moisture in buildings result in the development of mold, dry rot and insect infestation / damage, all of which have negative impacts on maintenance costs and durability.



A “Home Performance Test” will provide you with peace of mind, by knowing your home's solutions to becomming a safe, healthy, and efficient environment for living.  We have expert advice of over 21 years of "hands on" Building Science experience on what is wrong, what the implications are, and what your options are to remedy the issues.  Safety, health and IAQ, comfort, energy efficiency, and durability are not things you should have to wonder about... Please call us today for the answers.


Chris Land

Applied Building Science Specialist

Home Performance Contractor

"Saving the Planet one Educated Homeowner at a time"