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NetZero Energy Architects "Hybrid" Home Energy Design

Solutions that Reduce Home Energy Use While Increasing Quality and Comfort.
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Home Geo-Solar Systems

“Capturing ThermalEnergy within the home”

Let’s think of our homes as closed eco-systems, battling to maintain a comfortable temperature and clean air quality, so that its inhabitants can live relaxed, healthy lives. In an attempt to reduce the energy costs of maintaining temperature, recent construction techniques completely seal buildings from the outdoors, therefore conserving lots of energy, but simultaneously trapping poor indoor air quality.To combat this health concern, new California code requires fresh air ventilation for all new homes.Our designs incorporate Fresh Air Energy Recovery ventilation, with natural Geo-Energy-Capture / Thermal-Storage systems, to create a “Passive Geo-Exchange” system.

Our “Clean / Fresh Air / Energy Recovery System”, uses air’s natural tendency to stratify, and the earth’s constant, mild temperature to provide homes with clean, Geo-conditioned air using very little energy.When air is ventilated through the home, hot dirty air separates from cool, clean air due to their difference in density.The stale, warm, dirty air rises to the top of the house, leaving the clean air at breathing level.Our system uses a stratification duct to pump this dirty, hot air from the ceiling into the encapsulated crawl space of the building.This crawl space maintains an average annual temperature of 55-57º F from the earth.So when the home’s stale air flows through the crawl space, it is cooled in the summer, and warmed in the winter.This “pre-conditioned” stale air then transfers its energy to the incoming fresh air with an Energy Recovery Ventilator, utilizing the Geo-Exchange energy to condition the house.

To maximize the system, we also incorporate our Thermal Energy Storage Pack system in the crawl space.These Energy Storage Packs are connected to hydronic, southern facing thermal panels on the roof.In order to heat air in the winter, this system uses the thermal panels to store solar energy in the crawl space Thermal Packs. In order to cool air in the summer, the system uses the panels for “nocturnal cooling” to chill the Thermal Packs.

The combination of our Energy Recovery Ventilation system, the crawl space’s natural temperature, and our Thermal Energy Storage System creates a healthy and comfortable home ecosystem, while cutting energy costs.

James Phillip Wright AIA

Energy Architect

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Each project"s unique circumstances inspires new "Hybrid" solutions providing creative energy opportunities.